Date: July 20, 2019

Leisl Mott, Lucila Zetner, Sophie Perez. Three Extraordinary artists who take a view of place that articulates landscape and nature.

I am thrilled and excited to be presenting three extraordinary contemporary artists together in an exhibition articulating Australian landscape and nature.

Each artist’s use of colour and interpretation of landscape is fresh and original, and their mark making holds great appeal. From Toowoomba, Wahroonga and Mornington Peninisula, Leisl, Lucila and Sophie create works of art that catch the essence of place. Each way of looking at these views and places catches something both specific and universal, with the timeless natural landscape of hills, sea and infinite skies.These new works are particularly striking.

In this exhibition we are delighted to introduce these new works.

Leisl Mott’s expressive, contemporary landscape works are recognisable for their painterly, bold brushwork, rural scenes and rapid sgraffito. Working both en plein air and in her Toowoomba studio, Leisl aims to capture the essence of a time and place in her paintings. Defined by a confident looseness and painterliness, and expressive bold brushwork, the rural scenes are often accentuated by elegant sgraffito.

Dr Lucila Zentner works predominantly in oils and combines a love and practice of art with a career in medicine. Lucila’s largely impressionistic style of works are full of colour and cross a range of genres. Her paintings combine multiple points of view, memory and history to find pattern and abstraction within the soft colours of the natural landscape.

Sophie Perez’s sweeping, yet defined brushwork combine with electric, yet sensitive colour combinations. Sophie graduated with a Masters of Painting from the Royal Collage of Art London in 2003. Since moving to Melbourne in 2005 and now living on the Mornington Peninsula, she has continued her painting practice whilst raising a family. Sophie’s favourite subject is the natural landscape, where she enjoys the physicality of paint, colour and the suggestion of narrative.