Purple Noon Framing offers integrity and commitment to the care and framing of artwork. The emphasis is on professional service and advise; and on preservation and conservation. We specialise in conservation quality and decorator framing and can advise you on what is most appropriate for your artwork, or other, to be framed.

We have the knowledge, skill and expertise to frame visual art, and experience has shown that the most common cause of damage to artwork and memorabilia is poor quality framing – specifically by the use of incompatible and damaging materials and non-reversible techniques. Unless otherwise stipulated, all art should be able to be removed from the frame at any time.

Our qualified staff are held in high regard by the professional art community, and have  training in all aspects of picture framing.


  • Provide an extensive range of services to artists, local businesses and residents of the area
  • Recommend best materials and techniques to preserve artwork, photos and memorabilia
  • Design a framing solution that is artistically harmonious and historically accurate for artwork
  • Be sensitive to the imagery and materials used
  • Offer a competitive and fair price



  • Access to an unlimited selection of mouldings and mat boards for broad choice
  •  Frame valuable artworks, memorabilia, textiles, photos and objects
  • Canvas stretching and float framing
  • Conservation mounting and hinging
  • Washlines and mat decoration
  • Computerised mat cutting
  • Photo and certificate framing
  • Mirrors and mirror framing
  • Use of fillets and decorative procedures to complement and enhance.
  • Pressed flower decoration (Victorian era) on matting
  • Hand stretched embroidery preparation for framing
  • Football jersey, cricket bat, golf ball and assorted  sports gear framing
  • Acrylic stand off mounting