Conversation with the Artists & Gallery Tour

The Kimberley region is a vast and rugged landscape known for its striking natural beauty and cultural significance. Descriptive paintings of the Kimberley most often reflect the awe-inspiring elements that define it. Sergio’s paintings of the Kimberley are characterised by dramatic landscapes that range from ancient rugged cliffs and deep gorges to expansive savannahs and pristine coastlines. The rich, rusty red tones of the soil contrast with the deep blues of the sky and the vivid greens of the vegetation, creating visual stunning panoramas.

Sergio applies the technical skills of a long career as a potter to bring earth and other natural materials together in a new collection of landscape paintings that are alive with the vibrancy, colours and textures of Australia’s far north. He demonstrates his artistic purpose of documenting his impressions of this exquisite landscape – the raw beauty, colours and textures – the allure of our unique place and his reverence for nature. Sergio has captured the play of light on rocky outcrops, the reflections in still waterholes, and the towering escarpments.


Italian born and living in Australia since 1951, Sergio has always loved working with his hands – carving, drawing and painting. After twenty years of studying and practicing pottery since 1979, Sergio moved from the potter-wheel to the easel. He relocated to NSW Central Coast where he founded a studio and gallery for another twenty years before relocating to Sydney, where he now works.

Sergio has had 34 solo exhibitions and 38 group exhibitions across Australia displaying his ceramics and paintings. His work is represented in museums, galleries, and private collections nationally and overseas.