Conversation with the Artists & Gallery Tour

Lucila Zentner is a contemporary Australian oil painter. As well as an accomplished artist she is also a practicing medical doctor specialising in Radiology and Nuclear medicine. From first years in South America to growing up in Melbourne, to life in regional Victoria and NSW and now Sydney, Lucila’s artwork incorporates themes from her surrounds. Her florals are joyful and homely interiors celebrating the inner circle of family

I love having Lucila’s artwork in the gallery and she has been exhibiting at Purple Noon now for a number of years, participating in several group shows, and also a constant, permanent gallery exhibitor. Her paintings are vibrant and colourful and always receive prolonged accolades from audiences. Lucila’s work is uniquely individual. She is not influenced by passing trends and quick sales. Like many others, I find her art quite special.

Lucila is an oil painter who acutely studies visual aspects of the world around her. With a South American cultural background of the Magic-Real, Lucila interprets gestures and form without the usual constraints of subject or style, superimposing the form and its inference, the real and the imagined in a highly individual style.

These wonderful uplifting paintings fuse together the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. This exhibition is a celebration of still-life painting (and some landscape), particularly the floral still life. Working across oil on canvas and linen, each painting has managed to harness the visual and conceptual power of flowers in fresh and unexpected ways. My aim as curator is to create the conditions in which we could smile, relax and celebrate nature’s beautiful offerings. It’s always a joy to exhibit colourful, thoughtful, elegant and savvy floral art. It’s exactly what we need right now