Conversation with the Artists & Gallery Tour

Julianne Allcorn is an exceptional artist and an attentive naturalist with an enhanced curiosity and creativity. She has developed a style that is both unique and reverential, prompting the viewer to pause and become deeply absorbed in the artwork’s detail and design.

She draws inspiration from nature. This latest series of nature drawings/paintings are a beautiful golden showcase of Australian wildlife, botanicals, golden tones, and all the tiny creatures that inhabit our Australian bush.

Julianne’s ‘natural world meditation’ is a meaningful and effective exploration through visual expression. Meditating in front of these alluring artworks can be a way to connect indoors with the outside environment – ground yourself, and encourage a sense of peace and presence. Standing in front of one of Julianne’s paintings calls attention to the natural world – you may be able to quiet your mind and experience a sense of calm and interconnectedness.

She works on birch wood panels, etching into them with pencil and a small dremmel bringing the textures of the flora and fauna into her work. Working in pencil and painting in watercolour allows her to bring the soft hues of the bush into her artwork. Viewers are encouraged to stop, stand quietly (and perhaps meditate), close the eyes and allow all the 5 senses to visually enjoy, listen, smell, imagine touch and taste, of the magic of native Australian bushland.

Julianne is a highly accomplished practising artist with works in many collections and has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions.

She was awarded the Trustees Watercolour Prize in the WYNNE 2020 AGNSW, and been hung in both the Archibald and Wynne Prizes 2021 and 2022.

Julianne will be joined by naturalist artists Irene Manion and Julie Simmons who also have a deep knowledge and appreciation of the natural world, which informs their art. Like Julianne, they spend hours in the Australian bush observing and studying their subjects, learning about their habitats, behaviours, and relationships with other organisms. I believe their goal is not simply to create a realistic representation of nature, but to convey a sense of wonder and awe for the natural world. Often their graceful pieces evoke an emotional response in the viewer, sometimes a sense of tranquility – sometimes of awe and excitement.

I know many of you have been waiting for Julianne’s next exhibition here at the gallery. Although booked in for some time, we have just managed to squeeze this one in between her busy teaching/commissions schedule, and before she shoots off to France again for another longer term artist residency. You are going to love this exhibition, especially with Irene’s delightful birds and Julie’s masterful trees and bushland complimenting the show perfectly. What a combination!