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Ana draws on her film and theatrical background of making props and costumes to add another dimension to her love of the Australian bush and countryside.  She is interested in blurring the relationships currently existing between imagination and reality. Ana’s mindset takes her to pathways unseen by others. There are no boundaries.

In Waking Dreamland we witness a character from the past, Marie Antoinette, adorned in her extravagant costume, transported to the 1970’s without anything at hand, excluding several furniture and furnishing items scattered throughout her new-found dreamland in the bush.

This exhibition explores her mindset, ‘If I lived here today, what would I do, what would I create’, with colour, humour and surreal connotations. Amplifying the artist’s passion for costuming, photography as well as art creations in the digital realm.

A large-scale dolls’ house, will also be part to this exhibition (not for sale). It is empty of furniture excluding fitted furnishings. Foliage is throughout – it’s the flipside to Marie Antoinette’s outdoor ‘theatre’.

Daniel Browning from the ABC Radio National will introduce Ana’s work and open the exhibition.

Artist’s Artworks

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