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Kate holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in painting from the National Art School and resides in Sydney. She recently held an exhibition at Purple Noon titled ‘Inside Outside’ which was enormously successful, and referenced some of the rooms in the beautiful home of international designer and stylist Sibella Court. 

As many clients expressed disappointment because they missed out on a painting, we are doing it all again. This essentially an online exhibition although the paintings can be viewed at the gallery. Please contact the gallery or Robyn 0409 661 662 to be included on the catalogue list.

The images speak for themselves – warm, inviting interiors, so apt for our current COVID domiciliary revival; and intoxicating Australian window-scapes that catch the essence of place and outdoors. The paintings themselves are a gathering of bright, eclectic pieces themed around interiors.

Kate’s exhibition ‘From Home – Interior Views’ will be an exhibition of her new recent works in an online solo show, but will also be exhibited here at Purple Noon Gallery through December and January.

It will open on Wednesday 9th December 2020 and again, you will be able to access the exhibition online with a gallery tour with Kate and Robyn.

Through window portals Kate’s landscapes portray nostalgic Australian vistas, and in these interior paintings Kate evokes universal familiar surroundings that elicit memories of small yet important moments in hers and our lives.

Kate Nielsen’s work is filled with visual references from her home life and family; and from the natural environment where a sense of place encapsulates a unique approach to processing what she sees. While Kate seeks to create a composition that is different and very unique, there is always a familiarity from the natural world and interior surroundings that grounds the painting and creates an instant recognisable relationship for the viewer.

Surprisingly, Covid-19 has been a very positive phenomenon for our art gallery business. In these times of uncertainty, and renewed domesticity, art, and particularly Kate’s interiors, is pleasurable and comforting. The images of comfortable rooms infers a sheltered haven where only a sense of comfort and joy exist. They have therapeutic power like a healing glow!