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It is the new season of spring that brings Florescence and a group of Australian artists and their wonderful uplifting paintings into being – the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. This exhibition is a celebration of still-life painting, particularly the floral still life. Working across an array of mediums, each of these artists has managed to harness the visual and conceptual power of flowers in fresh and unexpected ways.

Often made up of very simple arrangements, one type of flower in a vase against a graphic or patterned background, artists often characterise the Dutch still lifes of the 1600s and then bring them up to date. They are painted with position and care to make the simplest of compositions indulgent and sophisticated. Or, in some cases present their work as a “quirky collection of objects borrowed, found, given [ ..] and inherited, all with huge sentimental value and personal attachment” (Libby Moore, 2021). Many artists also have the superb skill of being able to capture the perfect light in their paintings, embracing “both light and colour in a refined way” (Lara Chapman, 2021) and to make objects come to life and to really enhance their beauty.

Edouard Manet once called still life “the touchstone of painting.” Today, many artists put a contemporary twist on the timeless tradition by painting still lifes of voguish flowers, modern interiors and objects in a hyper-realistic style. Nonetheless, these pieces share the commonality of representing something far more personal to those involved in the creation of the piece rather than just being displays of material goods. Florescence depicts a lush variety of different flowers, from popular common European blooms to some of our most magnificent and loved Australian natives.

During the course of curating this exhibition I also became more aware of my own preferences and prejudices and how they had informed my curatorial decisions, as well as my selection of works. The curation of this exhibition was intended as an extension and an outcome of the conversations I had been having with artists, clients and visitors to the gallery during what has been one of the most difficult periods of our modern lives. My aim was to create the conditions (albeit online) in which we could smile, relax and celebrate nature’s beautiful offerings. It’s always a joy to post colourful, thoughtful, elegant and savvy floral art. 🤍

It’s exactly what we need right now… cheering up 🌸🌼🌺


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