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Irene Manion

Ink and Watercolour



Ellen King

3-D Sculptural Form

Wearable Art

Irene Manion and Ellen King unite to form a binary exhibition here at Purple Noon Gallery. The artists have different but complementary skills, which will be presented, on opening night Saturday June 13th 2020.

In Irene’s Evening Birdsongand Ellen’s Sidestepping Spinifexthe Australian natural world is the overarching theme.

Evening Birdsong: Irene Manion

Since retiring from Visual Arts teaching, Irene has devoted her time exclusively to her art practice.  Textiles enticed her from the beginning, and after developing skills in a range of techniques, she has most recently specialised in working with machine and hand embroidery on digitally transfer-printed polyester fabrics, presented for this exhibition on Perspex panels. These are based on Irene’s minimalist bird photographs, watercolours and ink paintings, which also feature in the exhibition.



Sidestepping Spinifex: Ellen King

 As a feltmaker with particular interest in wearable art and 3D sculptural form, Ellen creates texture, movement and depth of colour in her pieces. Inspired by her travels to the northern parts of Australia, where the wide Drysdale River weaves its way through a spikey spinifex dotted landscape, Ellen used the visual memory of these rocky outcrops and jump-up plateaus to envision a translation into her felting. The result is truly awe-inspiring, reflecting on, and translating, her experiences and connections to the beauty of nature in a more abstract way.