Steve Salo

Steve Salo is a painter of emotion and skilled across many mediums. He is best known for his emotive portraiture and expressive landscape paintings. The Victorian coast inspires many of Steve’s landscapes. "My paintings speak for me and say a lot more than I ever could put into words. They can depict everything from a moment in time to the weight of the modern world, to contemporary reimagining of works by master painters. I enter the studio and a catharsis takes place, I feel the same when I connect with someone else’s artwork, music or performance. Art has the power to free the mind and connect us to humanity, even if only for a moment." Steve is fearless in experimenting with new techniques, colour, and texture. The choices he makes for each landscape painting encapsulate his feelings, memories and imagining of the place. “My landscape paintings go beyond the visual perception, I am more concerned with portraying the feelings evoked by being in a place.” — Steve Salo Steve’s profile as a contemporary artist continues to flourish, with paintings shortlisted in prestigious prizes across Australia and awarded a prize in Florence, Italy. An artist of international appeal, his works are in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Europe, the UK, USA and Canada.