Rhonda Campbell

Rhonda graduated from the National Art School & Alexander Mackie College in Sydney, Australia. She then taught art in Australia and later design in London. Her career took a complete change and the next 25 years were spent in fashion & design. Since retiring in 2000, Rhonda has taken up the paintbrush again. She draws significant inspiration from her travels into Outback Australia. Rhonda is a landscape painter and printmaker and through her works she is trying to convey her relationship with the land and nature, whether working in the desert, bush or wetlands. Over time she has developed a vocabulary of colours, textures and markings to express herself and the feeling she has for a particular place. Rhonda finds exploring and experimenting a necessity, both in painting and printmaking and is challenged and energised by her process… she just loves the spontaneity of working in this way. Her works are either abstracted or at least semi-abstracted from nature; they are her expression of what she sees, feels, smells, and hears in that special place in the landscape. While many aspects of the landscape inform her work, the feeling of just being there is important…the mere presence of nature, the sheer beauty of the landscape.