Lynne Flemons

Lynne Flemons is an Australian artist, based in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. Her paintings depict colourful landscapes that she is most familiar with and she pays particular attention to the contrasting light on various surfaces. The subtle layering and contrasting of shapes and palette combine to evoke the movement of light and shadow across the surface of the landscape. The natural environment is a central focus for her practice, resulting in artworks that espouse a whimsical approach to colour and movement. The use of muted tones and soft veils of pale colour capture the quietly insistent changes that give these places their special significance. There is a poetic elegance present in her paintings. Charming and beautiful, Lynne’s artworks are joyful insights - fluid, imaginative, a little bit mysterious, and stimulating visually. Having exhibited consistently for the last 2 decades, Lynne’s work is collected both nationally and internationally. She holds a Master of Philosophy from the Australian National University and has been teaching and exhibiting both here and abroad, accumulating many awards, acclaims and residencies.