Lucila Zentner

Lucila Zentner is an Australian artist working predominantly in oils. Lucila combines a love and practice of fine art with a career in medicine, practising as a Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine specialist. She has lived and worked in Regional Victoria and NSW over the last 10 years and has now moved her studio to Sydney. There is a vibrancy and passion embedded in Lucila’s paintings, and they are innovative in their depictions of landscape and still life. Ordinary views are transformed to be extraordinary and beautiful, always with a sense of freedom. Her very special sense of colour combines neutrals and texture to set bold unusual colours alight, evoking a complexity of mood that dissolves the strong colours and marks that flow in patterns across her paintings. ARTIST STATEMENT I paint to hold onto a moment, to thrill the senses, to delight, to mourn and to live. My paintings are oil on canvas or linen, representational, mildly abstracted, expressionistic. All are of people, places or ideas. I enjoy gestures, light and form and shadows. My muses are my family, my friends and the Australian landscape. My styles are diverse, but the brush -strokes are always solid, definite and final.