Lise Temple

Lise Temple is best known for her abstract landscapes, a series inspired by the colours, contrasting light and broad shapes of the agricultural landscape. Lise attempts to capture the complexity of natural forms. The textures, colours and patterns of nature constantly influence the work. In 2003 Lise left the distractions of city living in the east to settle into dedicated art making in rural South Australia. Her practice has been highly influenced by the physical environment of the South Australian Mid North. The vivid colours and atmospheric light affected Lise’s approach and her complete oeuvre. The broad views of its wide valleys led her to develop a collage approach to representing landscape, which has become a method of working that addresses time and movement in relation to place. She has also used a similar methodology to examine built environments and interior spaces. Lise’s large body of semi-abstract landscapes are made in response to the broad vistas and translucent light and represent her intention to constantly experiment with, and broaden, technique. “Painting from nature provides a different set of challenges which positively influences my studio work”.