Lara Chapman

“I love oil paint and the still life genre. I am particularly interested in capturing light, composition, form and colour manipulation. The quality of the painting surface and the brushwork is a primary concern for me when I paint. A lot of my detail comes in the structure within the paint. Laying the marks with directional intent directs both the eye around the artwork, and bounces light accordingly. These large planes of colour are quite abstract in nature. I look for and translate the subtle changes in colour temperature and manipulate values for effect. Capturing light with pure pigments is how I produce paintings that are beautiful. I use artist quality materials and I mix all of my colours. Colour mixing is a large part of each painting. The paintings inform my decision making throughout the creative process. I am constantly asking myself ‘what does the painting need?’ As a colourist, I use colour for expressive effect. Lara holds a high school art teaching degree and taught in three schools in Queensland, up until the birth of her second child, her last post as Head of Department. She now paints commercially from her home in Brisbane, Queensland.