Julianne Ross Allcorn

Julianne’s current body of work is inspired by the Australian bush. The flora and fauna that surrounds the family hideaway in the Burralong Valley, Lower Hunter and around her garden studio, is where she spends time sketching, planning and playing in her journals. Drawing from real life, Julianne makes very detailed, fine and focused studies of the insects, birds, flora and fauna, hidden and placed within the artwork to bring alive the conversations of the bush. Julianne Allcorn works on birch wood panels etching into them with pencil and a small dremmel bringing the textures of the flora and fauna into her work; working in pencil and painting in water colours allows her to bring the soft hues of the bush alive into her artwork. Viewers are encouraged to stop and stand quietly, close the eyes and allow all the 5 senses then to listen, smell, to want to touch and imagine the taste of the aroma found in her native bushland. “I see movement in colour and endeavour to translate the energy of the natural world onto birch wood panels, paper and canvas using watercolour, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil paints and pastel bringing texture and pattern alive with the colours and hues of the bush”.