Frank Boyle

Frank Boyle was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1960 and has been living in Australia since 1982. A BFA graduate from the National Art School in Sydney in 2000, Frank has since had several successful solo exhibitions in Sydney and exhibited in many group shows. Frank had predominantly been a landscape painter producing work inspired by his travels in Australia and Europe. The artist has been predominantly a landscape painter producing simple, uninterrupted but atmospheric landscape paintings. These paintings have become an important part of his studio practice. However, while living and painting in India for a 12-month period in 2008/9, and inspired by the colours, culture and masses of people around him, Frank experimented with figure studies and has continued to develop figure paintings which have also become an important part of his art practice. “Frank has the rare talent of capturing the internal states of his solitary figures standing in vast, ethereal fields of colour ... quite incongruous to the hustle bustle reality of India”. “My work tends to evolve out of long and deliberate observations of the world around me. I’m drawn to investigate situations that suggest a sense of mystery, isolation and solitude. I respond mainly to what I see and the feelings it evokes and if I’m happy with any work I produce then hopefully it can speak for itself." Frank uses colour and form to evoke mood and emotion. His moody pieces of art evoke movement and intrigue. Often mysterious, Frank’s paintings display the simplicity and serenity of ritual in contrast with the fine art medium of oil, making his large format works a piece to be noticed. He feels his best paintings happen spontaneously, organically and quickly. “I’m inspired by the work of other artists, and situations that evoke a sense of solitude, isolation and mystery. Friedrich’s ‘Monk by the Sea’ sparked a reaction that kept me busy painting horizons for quite a few years! I’m also inspired by the many aspects of India where I’ve lived and been a regular visitor over [many] years”.