Alexandra Plim

Alexandra Plim is an expressive abstract artist, based in the inner western suburbs of Sydney. She paints intuitively with acrylics, often incorporating a variety of mixed media. Her work is energetic and playful, using colour, texture and bold marks to add drama and movement. “Colour drives me. Every canvas is a new place to experiment with different colours and mixes. Along the way, forms and marks pose questions and I respond”. Alexandra is also a professionally trained actor, having completed an Advanced Diploma in Acting for Screen and Stage. She has performed on stage, in Australia and Edinburgh, appearing in theatre, at fringe festivals and the odd TV commercial. “My performance training and experience continues to influence and energise my artistic practise. On the best painting days I am a city girl dreaming of far away places: majestic gorges, arid expanses of land and foliage you can get lost in”. “I am truly addicted to the irreverent process of creating a painting. Much like rehearsing a play or improvising on stage, painting requires me to be in the moment. And it's a wonderful feeling”. Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Arts (Design for Theatre and Television), Charles Sturt University and an Advanced Diploma Acting, Actors College of Theatre and TV