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Despite the world becoming more and more technology-driven, there are very few things that can inspire artistic brilliance quite like nature does. From a single flower petal spiralling to the ground to the mighty Gymea Lily towering above the undergrowth, Julianne’s simple pencil lines and sketches are an important tool to focus observations on our natural world.

Julianne’s beautiful visual representations provide inspiration – perfectly illustrating what an immense Influence the natural beauty around us can have on the imagination of an artist.
Drawing on nature, and beginning with uncomplicated pencil lines, Julianne uses pencil and watercolour in a delightfully simple and enlivening way to journal the world.
Sketching is an important tool to focus observations. She is an artist and an attentive naturalist with an enhanced curiosity and creativity.

Henry Matisse once said: “An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language.” 💫

Julianne is an artist who draws inspiration from nature. Her series of nature drawings/paintings are a beautiful showcase of Australian wildlife, botanicals, light and shadow, and all the tiny creatures that inhabit our Australian bush. Her artworks perfectly illustrate what an immense Influence the natural beauty around us can have on the imagination of an artist.

“I see movement in colour and endeavour to translate the energy of the natural world onto birch wood panels, paper and canvas using watercolour, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil paints and pastel bringing texture and pattern alive with the colours and hues of the bush.

Surrounding ,immersing and losing myself in the sounds, scents and textures of the Burralong Valley inspiring me whilst sitting in my make shift studio creating on the verandah”.

Julianne’s stand out artwork was awarded the Trustees Watercolour Prize at the recent 2020 Wynne Prize at the AGNSW. What an achievement! There was a constant stream of visitors taking photographs throughout the duration of the show. The winning piece is titled ‘Mollitium 2’, a large tripdych 186 x 329 cm … and it was purchased too…Congratulations Julianne.
Wynne Win