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Across the Table celebrates the beauty of spring, the collaborative and comforting nature of getting together, and the importance of forming new friendships in a creative environment, albeit also reflecting the recent hardships of a disorderly pandemic.

The exhibition also highlights the work of three exceptional artists who have presented a cohesive fusion of the still life genre and contemporary Australian ceramics.

The still life is no longer the inanimate commonplace object; the genre has lent itself to all manner of adventurous visual interpretation. They are no longer artworks that are just beautiful or realistic

renderings of static objects. “The still life, rather, is an evolving system of the inanimate commonplace object, and of meaning, directly related to the transformations of society and of artistic discourse”.

Across the Table is a collaborative exhibition highlighting the artworks of 3 Sydney artists Lucila Zentner, Louise Frith and Lisa Hoelzl. What sets this exhibition apart is its collaborative constitution. Zoom meetings, painting and creative ideas, and get-togethers have transformed this exhibition from ‘orderly and systematic’ to a ‘creative collaborative alliance’, and one of friendship.

Lucila and Louise have incorporated Lisa’s ceramics in their artworks; Lisa has in turn made pots and vessels to compliment the rich and textured paintings. The alliance has resulted in the embodiment of each other’s oeuvre, and a unique and exciting exhibition.

Pots and paintings and all 3 artists with names starting with L …

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this trio. Congratulations you 3!!

Here, I include a series of photographs that illustrate the unfolding progression of one of Lucila’s paintings – incorporating Lisa’s ceramic pot, with Louise and Lisa both drawing preliminary sketches for future artworks. They were taken throughout the course of a collaborative day together.

Lucila Zentner

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Louise Frith

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