Please join us on Thursday 17th October 6:00pm for an opening reception and floor talk by Collector Alex Lister

“Perhaps I owe it to flowers,” said Monet, “that I became a painter.”

Please join us to celebrate the change in season and our Spring floral affair at Purple Noon Gallery. In this spectacularly beautiful exhibition artists respond to the idea that flowers and their vessels are one of the central concerns in art, both as symbol and as subject. In using flowers as a subject, artists have moved on from the classic still life.

Indoor Garden showcases the work of nine Australian artists who are inspired to use a sophisticated language of colour and form to express the exuberance of flowers, their beauty and abundance, and their contemporary revival of the floral still life. The exhibition includes a number of still lifes that show off both the botanical diversity available, and the stylistic diversity of the painters’ hands.

Anna Placidi
Carissa Karamarko
Cath Beynon
Jane-Frances Tannock
Judy Brownlie
Loretta Blake
Lucila Zentner
Lynne Flemons
Vida Pearson