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Wood Engravings


Combining bold brushwork and a vivid colour palette, I paint the local landscape & birdlife of the Hawkesbury and beyond. The act of painting for me is a joy and a passion and I wish to share my exuberance with the viewer. Bright and vivacious, I also want the works to have a degree of serenity, inviting the viewer to be refreshed and at peace”.

In her unique multi-coloured style Mellissa animates our natural environment by merging pixilated explosions of paint with a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements. Colours of the light spectrum appear interrupted by delicate daubs that flicker across the canvas with grace and harmony.

Mellissa was born in England in the 1960s and as a child emigrated to Australia with her family. She has studied & practiced printmaking and painting continuously since the mid ‘90s and is a recipient of many prizes and awards. Her sought after works are part of many private and public collections around the world.

Living in rural Sydney overlooking the Hawkesbury River, Mellissa’s work ranges between vibrant painted interpretations of her local landscape to intricate wood engravings and hand coloured linocuts. In this exhibition we combine all three genres and highlight the versatility of her arts practice. Mellissa presents a combination of quirkiness and calm in her work, which blends to create artwork with a strong spiritual base.