Opening Conversation

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Mellissa brings the natural landscape and birds of Australia to life with a new unique collection of quirky, vibrant and above all, uplifting paintings.

Very happy to be welcoming Mellissa Read-Devine back for another solo exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery. At a time when most of the news coming our way is overwhelming and unsettling, I am thrilled to be presenting a beautiful collection of the most uplifting and colourful paintings.

Mellissa’s style is distinctive with her energising palette and layered application of brush strokes. Her work has evolved to a macro-pointillist style, celebrating shape, colour and the brushstrokes of contemporary impressionism. Her combination of quirkiness and calm blend to create works with a strong spiritual base. Idiosyncratic characteristics come together to create pieces that are sought after by both Australian and international collectors alike.

In her unique multi-coloured style Mellissa animates our natural environment by merging pixilated explosions of paint with a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements. Colours of the light spectrum appear interrupted by delicate daubs that flicker across the canvas with grace and harmony. In this exhibition Mellissa’s harmony with the natural landscape highlights her love of birds.

Be captivated by the powerful immediacy and extraordinary colour emerging from Mellissa’s paintings. They are visually spectacular and invite the viewer to search for further harmony and empathy with the natural landscape.