Sergio Sill

Sergio Sill was born in Italy in 1946. His family migrated to Australia when he was four years of age. Since graduating in Architecture and practicing for several years, Sergio turned to art and studied Art and Design at Preston Institute of Technology, Melbourne. He then established a pottery studio with an oil-fired kiln in Hawthorn, receiving the Craft Board Grant. After relocating to Upper Lansdowne, Mid-North Coast in 1982, he worked in high-fired stoneware specialising in Shino, Chun, Celedon and natural methods before beginning a Professional Painting Career in 1991. In 1997 he opened his painting studio/gallery on the Central Coast. Sergio recently relocated to Sydney and continues his commercial painting. “Art to me is manifested in many forms, inspired by both our outer and inner worlds. I began my artistic life by following my passion for working with the earth elements creating wood-fired pots. After nearly 20 years, in my quest to further my artistic expression, I moved from the richness of the earth to the exuberance of colour expressed in different media. My paintings expand across works on canvas, board and paper using oil, acrylic, gouache and pastels. As a natural colourist, my rich and fiery palette continues on in the exploration of lush colours to deliver the lyrical intensity of my paintings”. Sergio has had in excess of 35 solo exhibitions and been hung in more than 150 group shows. Sergio’s work is reportage on his life – the external environment through his landscapes. His paintings are moderate in scale and notable for their sensitive interpretation of light and the Australian bush. Intrinsic to Sergio’s art making process is an engagement with the environment, which surrounds him. Sergio explains that his expeditions through the Australian bush and landscape are always study tours.