Lynne Mak

Lynne’s passion for art has been lifelong. She expresses her love of nature and has won many exhibitions and awards. Growing up on a farm on the outskirts of Sydney, then living on bush acres at Kenthurst for many years (and most recently moving to Coffs Harbour), Lynne has developed a deep connection to the landscape and to nature. She states: “Since I was a child my passion for drawing and painting has been my way to express this connection”. Inspiration is drawn from the landscape, memories and photographs. Compositions are derived from shapes, structures and textures left in the ever-changing wake of time and progression. Lynne says she aims to make sense of place in all her imagery. Lynne’s current body of work encompasses the world she has inhabited during the years of transition and reveals the fragile and rugged bushland of rural Australia as well as the vibrancy and lushness of our coastal environment.