Lyndal Campbell

Lyndal Campbell is an intuitive painter. Her subjects are drawn from her immediate environment, imagination and memory. The fusion of her two previously distinct streams of Naive and Abstract works is an important milestone in her art practice development. Campbell’s technical skill, draughtsmanship and ability to create harmony from discord is a result of constant and consistent work in the studio. Campbell is fearless in her experimentation and is a risk taker in the studio. This has resulted in the steady and continuing growth of her art practice and the ability to work on paintings until they are resolved. Some paintings take many years to resolve by re-working and re-painting until she is happy with the results. She works on several paintings at any time, both on canvas and on paper, in rich bold oils. A Lyndal Campbell painting is usually multi-layered and complex regardless of the subject matter. The palimpsest from past works reveals itself over time, enticing the viewer into closer inspection. Campbell has a lot to say as an artist, and discovery, over time, of the extent of her visual ‘language’ is one of the main attractions to her work. The pleasure of discovery has delighted her audience since her first exhibition in 1989.