Libby Moore

Libby Moore is passionate about colour. Her vibrant still life paintings are an expression of this addiction. They also reveal her curiosity about the relationship between different shapes and forms, with their own personalities, and their constantly evolving shadows. These shadows often play out amongst the striking patterns on tablecloths, curtains, blinds, wallpaper, bowls, vases and her all-time favourite, tea pots, and you can almost hear the conversations they’re having with each other. Libby’s hard-edged style is ever present in her work and as you will observe, she has accumulated a quirky collection of objects borrowed, found, given to her and inherited, all with huge sentimental value and personal attachment. Sometimes these characters make an appearance in more than one painting and you will often see eggs in her paintings. Four eggs in a bowl represent Libby’s four children who she longs to keep close and safe at home but knows is an unrealistic hope.