Kerrie Leishman

“I have always been attracted to the mysterious, atmospheric and ambiguous imagery, aspiring to weave these ingredients into my work” For many years Kerrie was challenged as the only woman illustrator at the Herald newspaper. The thread woven in and out of her work over thirty years runs way back to her art school days in Ballarat. Majoring in painting and sculpture, she explored the visual world and found her own language for self-expression. Kerry Leishman’s artwork appeared throughout newspaper publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age over several decades. Kerrie was part of a new generation of women who brought more representative voices and nuanced sensibilities to the daily churn of newspaper caricature. She has kept the two strands of her artistic presentations separate, and now, retired from the newspaper scene, concentrates solely on her imaginative, enigmatic visions of landscape, moody and textural compositions that resonate with the colour and tone that changing weather brings. “My fascination with the atmosphere of dramatically changing landscape, the drama played out with light and shade has always been my inspiration. Where the earth and sky merge, a glimpse of light, a moment in time often frenetically realised with the desire to discover and connect to a part of me”.