Joanna Cole

Joanna Cole is an emerging landscape painter currently living and working in Sydney. Themes relating to road trips, invisible and visible borders and land ownership have become important in the development of her paintings since 2015. Joanna Cole is driven by a love of the road trip and a pastoral upbringing to create landscape paintings in oil and mixed media. Her work locates itself as a contemporary take on a post-impressionist aesthetic, reflecting on the en plein air process and oil painting. Using a personalised expression of colour and brushstroke Joanna re-assembles her memories of place; themes of romanticism and wonder form part of the expressive and symbolic process. Joanna’s landscape paintings reveal themes of boundaries in the landscape, both natural and man-made, the distortion of memory through saturated and exaggerated form and colour, and more recently, the links between the past and the present through repetition and difference. Joanna holds a Bachelors degree in art and design from the University of South Australia, Diploma in Interior Design, and recently completed a Masters of Art and Design from UNSW.