Hiren Patel

Born in India, and now based in Sydney, Hiren Patel depicts emotionally charged urban and rural landscapes saturated with light and atmosphere. Highly influenced by Australian impressionists and modern painters, Hiren’s recent urban vistas are intensely personal renditions of the places he has wandered around, both in Australia and India. He utilises field sketches, photographs and memory and transforms everyday mundane subjects into visual poetries employing rich layering of colours and an instinctive paint application. Hiren says that he initiates each painting with ideas of light and mood, which underscores his painting process. He then develops composition by exploiting the various characteristics of the oil paint medium for mark making. Through constantly searching, locating and disrupting these forms, colours and edges, Hiren discovers and delivers painterly visions. Hiren is an Associate of The Royal Art Society and has been awarded multiple first prizes in art competitions including Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Joshua Smith Art Prize, The Hawkesbury Art Prize. Additionally, in recent years, Hiren has been awarded many ‘best in category’ in Sydney art competitions.