Catherine Parker

Catherine Parker is an Australian painter/mixed media artist, educator + facilitator residing on Giabal, Jagera + Jarowair country, Toowoomba, Queensland. She divides her time between Toowoomba, Magnetic Island, North Queensland (where she has a winter studio), and India, where she also travels regularly for the last 15 years. Underpinning her work is an inherent belief in the beauty of nature and a mysterious kind of ‘otherness’ – “where we are both the silent witness and also the ‘watched’ - a metaphysical presence perhaps. Although my urban and natural landscapes are essentially Australian, they could also be universal”. When not in Australia, Catherine is an avid traveller. With sketchbook in hand, she makes ‘on the road’ works. Since 2018 Catherine has been working on a series of works on paper: Himalaya Project 100 based on travels to the north Indian Himalayas. Based in Ladakh, I she bunkers down during the off peak season to avoid tourists to focus on her work, overlooking the majestic Himalayan peaks and Buddhist monasteries