Brian Connolly

Brian’s artworks are shaped by an intuitive, introspective diarist approach, inquiring into the human psyche. Centred around personal growth of the spiritual self, subjects of light and dark flow through his practice; “a reflection of how they move through my being. The flowers in my artwork represent a bridge between the natural world and human life and the idea that we all have an internal garden that we must continuously nourish. I feel complete soul expansion sitting in a quiet corner of nature. We are fundamentally connected to nature and I strive to embody that relationship through my creations. Leaning into a wabi-sabi approach I have discovered that in the imprecision and often chaotic nature of the application, the artwork essentially chooses its own form. In my paintings, I depict ethereal and fluid figures, with elements of naivety which reinforces the idea of finding the true beauty in the imperfect”. Besides canvases, fashion, furniture and importantly mural painting have become mediums of interest for the artist. Keystone mural works commissioned for acclaimed hair and beauty salon Edwards & Co can be seen across Australia. These works have generated media exposure and led to the commissioning of over 30 murals throughout Australia, most recently for the flagship Mecca cosmetics store in the Sydney CBD.