Braidwood artist Ray Monde is currently living in Seattle. Before he left for a one year stay in the USA, Ray experienced the full onslaught of the recent bushfires and fled to an evacuation centre for safety. Ray was awarded a local creative arts scholarship in Goulburn to create a series of artworks in response to these December 2019 bushfires. Some of these works are being shown locally in December 2020 on the one-year anniversary, and to coincide with the the Goulburn show, an exhibition of the collection will be exhibited at Purple Noon Gallery 💫 

We are very excited to be presenting an exhibition of Ray’s work alongside Sydney artist Matthew Fennelly. Both artists are passionate and sophisticated in their approach to their themes and art making practices, and this show will be an excellent introduction to their work. Not to be missed.

Two photographs taken by Ray show how close the fires were to his home in Braidwood and his preparations for escape.