Weaving: Upcycled Baskets


Sunday 15th April 2018  10:00am – 3:00pm

$95, all materials provided. 5 hours tuition (10:00am – 3:00pm). Includes morning tea, lunch and beverages plus great company.


Phone: 0245 796579 Gallery

0409 661 662 Robyn

No experience with weaving is necessary, and by the end of the day you will go home with an upcycled basket of your own creation. You will learn how to create a coiled basket from start to finish, notes will also be provided, to prompt your memory when you get home. All materials will be provided as part of the workshop fee.

The notion of “upcycling” – Sally Blackwell

Upcycle a basketThe proliferation of “one time use” items and “inbuilt obsolescence” offends me, so in my ‘Upcycle a Basket Workshop’ you will choose from a selection of old electrical cords, chip packets, plastic bags, fabric from old clothes and sheets, strips from chaff bags, beads from all those 1980 big necklaces, wool, buttons, the ever popular plastic webbing from onion and orange bags, video tape, baling twine and so much more, to create your own unique basket.

Hopefully you will see “waste” in a new light!


About Sally…

On my retirement from teaching I felt the time was right for a sea change.  Rather than travelling or physically relocating my life I started on a journey to integrate my environmental beliefs into my new passion for weaving. I am constantly being challenged to come up with new ways of using waste materials, either natural or manufactured, in my weaving.

I’m a firm believer that everything has an inherent value and should not be wasted. I have been experimenting with natural fibres, grasses, vines, recycled materials and other materials found in my local environment to turn what might have been wasted into something useful and pleasing to the eye, hence my business name Waste Not Fibre Designs. Each piece created is unique, drawing from whatever comes to hand that sparks the imagination.

I particularly like the idea that materials that others might throw away can be used to make something functional and attractive – giving it a new life and purpose.  

I have conducted many workshops in a variety of weaving techniques including coiling, random weaving and twining. The benefits of weaving – learning new skills, keeping the creativity flowing and socialising all in the company of like minded people is what a weaving circle is all about and it is what I love creating.

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