Hand Made Brushes and Markmaking

MAKE YOUR MARK WITH HANDMADE BRUSHES with artist/teacher Rhonda Campbell

Sunday 23rd September 2018

$150, all materials and art class included, plus morning tea, lunch and refreshments – good company and lots of fun!


Phone: 0245 796579 Gallery

0409 661 662  Robyn

Brush Making and Markmaking

Spend the morning with artist Rhonda Campbell from Orange learning how to make your own decorative brushes. The tuition has an emphasis on developing a set of four brushes that result in differing mark making capacities. Students are encouraged to make decorative, yet distinct and functional brushes which will be tested to compare and contrast mark making techniques. After lunch forms will be composed on various papers, and paintings and collages will be fabricated from the new brush techniques. A short discussion about outcomes and effects (with afternoon wine and cheese) will end the creative, constructive, and totally entertaining day.

Other relevant information

We find that this is a lovely day for artists or non artists.The decorated sticks can be treated as sculptural pieces if you don’t want to paint with them. I call them SISTER STICKS.