The Hawkesbury Art Prize 2015



I went online to enquire about submitting an entry at the ripe old gorgeous age of 51 to your Hawkesbury Art Prize – and LO! I am too old!!
It implores me to ask of you why on earth do you have a limit on age?
Is not art a process of constant evolution and growth – after 40 are we too old and blind and feeble to paint properly anymore?
Some people (in fact MOST people) re kindle and develop their passion for art and creativity at a later stage in their lives and become very competent artists with their unique ways of self expression.


What a shame we are going to miss the entries this year from one of the most inspiring age groups  on this planet!

However, for this year only (the prize will now change each year), it has been decided to open up the competition to a young audience. So far, the majority of finalists in our prize have tended to be successful artists with many, many years of professionalism and painting experience behind them. Many have famous names within the profession and won many prizes. This year’s prize will be about opening up opportunities for a younger assembly, who may not have won a prize previously. We hope that this will attract some younger artists to enter large art prizes.
I do hope that this explains the position of the 2015 Hawkesbury Art Prize. Keep a watch-out for 2017! Entry will be open age again – albeit, with divergent approaches to genre and guidelines.
Good luck with your art and enthusiasm. And thank you for standing up for all artists who may not fit this year’s category. Hopefully we will cross paths again in 2017.