Arm Knitting


Sunday 20th May 2018  10:00am – 1:00pm

$120, all materials provided (includes skein of yarn) plus refreshments (gluten free included) and great company.


Phone: 0245 796579 Gallery

0409 661 662 Robyn

Learn the intriguing art of arm knitting. ‘Armed’ with super chunky 100% hand dyed wool you will learn how to knit using only your arm, no needles! It is a ‘loopy’ idea but no knitting skills are required and anyone can learn. You will create an impressive and admirable infinity, cowl or long scarf, the choice is yours.

The notion of ‘arm knitting’ – Ceri Muter

Experience the joy and gratification of being immersed in mindful creativity, hand crafting your own fashionable scarf. It is a fun filled, gratifying, experience, learning new skills with other inspired arm knitting enthusiasts. The well being benefits of mindful creating and crafting enhance the day!

What you will learn and what you will take home

Receive specific arm knitting techniques through demonstrations and hands-on instructional explanation while connecting with other inspired arm knitting enthusiasts. Take home a chunky ‘arm-knitted’ scarf just in time for the cold winter months ahead.

One stylish super chunky scarf per person, handmade by you. One skein of yarn included. 100% hand dyed wool and blended skeins of specific arm knitting yarn, in stunning and neutral colours, will also be available for purchase.


Other Relevant Information

It’s effortless, absolutely everything required is provided including light refreshments [delicious and gluten free friendly], 1 skein of arm knitting yarn, arm knitting instruction sheet and skeins of arm knitting yarn for purchase [no obligation] will await you.

Simply arrive and let the fun happen.

Wool colours will vary at each workshop, you’ll have the choice of colours available upon your arrival.

No knitting experience is required, 15 years and older are welcome

About Ceri…

Tutor | Creative Maker

I am Ceri Muter, a contemporary arm knitter, designing and creating artful pieces using the process of arm knitting as well as being a diverse creative maker.

Intriguingly, I knit using only my arms, no needles and crochet using only my hands, no hooks. Exploring the art of arm knitting incurious forms and improvising with natural fibres, unexpected materials and repurposed findings; I create statement pieces that are expressive and original.

Influenced by slow, sensory, creative living; creative possibilities flow organically from dwelling in stillness and being attentive to moments. Express your essence, enhance every day!

I live in Sydney, Australia and was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.

Ceri is pronounced as Kerry, just in case you are wondering.

Further information

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